NeuroGraphica® Specialist

Logo NeuroGraphik®This course is for those who want to apply the methods of NeuroGraphica® into their professional business

The NeuroGraphica® Specialist class contains a variety of unique tools and methods that can be integrated and used immediately. After completing the course and a successful internal certification you will receive the NeuroGraphica® Specialist certificate of the Institut für Kreativitätspsychologie.

  • Coaches and Consultants
  • HR-Professionals, Team Leaders
  • Psychologists and Social Education Workers
  • Therapists, Art Therapists
  • All those interested in personal development
  • are planning to expand your toolbox of development methods
  • are looking for new ways of self -exploration, -optimization and -fulfillment
  • are interested in awakening your own creative potential as well as that of others
  • want to have a new tool to create harmony within you and with others
  • want to be part of an exciting community and connect with new and interesting people
  • are ready to expand your professional options to help yourself and others
  • Introduction to the professional application of the NeuroGraphica® method
  • Learning new models of NeuroGraphica®
  • Certification, which entitles you to apply NeuroGraphica® in your profession
  • Certified Specialists are authorized to teach the NeuroTree, NeuroRain and NeuroLotus models
  • Acquisition of new knowledge, expansion of professional competence
  • Expansion of the energetical, social and intellectual potential
  • Being part of an emerging community

On the one hand, you learn profound drawing techniques and on the other hand, you learn how to deal with the psychological aspects of the drawings. You gain unique skills in composition, psychology, sociology, neuroesthetics and coaching.

  • Basic assumptions and theoretical foundations of the method: Analytical Psychology, Gestalt Therapy and Neuropsychology
  • NeuroGraphica® line, the alphabet and patterns to visually integrate individual parts in a drawing
  • Basic algorithm, algorithm #1 and model “intention check”
  • Coaching models: NeuroTree, TRUE, Quality of life, Priority Check, SCORE, Blue Ocean, NeuroLotus and NeuroRain
  • Online supervision of the participants’ work
  • Intervision between participants
  • Membership in the Institute´s private NeuroGraphica® Specialists Facebook group
  • White paper in A4 or Letter format (copy paper is sufficient)
  • Occasionally larger paper (A3 or A2, poster)
  • Drawing pad (larger than your drawing paper)
  • Black felt-tip pens in different widths (fineliner, 1 mm), waterproof or document ink is recommended
  • One broad marker with permanent ink (2-5 mm)
  • Coloured pencils and sharpener
  • Highlighters in different colours
  • Glue stick or scotch tape

Course completion and certification through IKP (Institut für Kreativitätspsychologie)

After completing the course, you have about a month to submit your work for internal certification. The exact submission date will be communicated in the course and can be individually adjusted when booking additional individual supervision, as the portfolio must then be ready by the agreed supervision date. The following steps are required to receive the certificate:

  • Portfolio of your own work as well as those from the cold & warm coaching sessions
    • A selection of your own drawings produced during the course, as well as your clients’ drawings from the cold and warm coaching, are combined into a presentation as described in the „Specialist Portfolio“ template (one file only, delivered as a PDF document).

    • Please save your file using your first and last name and the addition “Portfolio Specialist“.

    • Send the file with the subject: „Your name / Portfolio Specialist Course No. …“ via WeTransfer or SwissTransfer to office@ikp-metamodern.com or upload it to the members´ area of our website (if available)


  • Document Review by the Institut für Kreativitätspsychologie

    After your portfolio has been reviewed (improvements may be required) by the Institute and confirmed, you will receive the NeuroGraphica® Specialist certificate and will be awarded the rights of the NeuroGraphica® Specialist with certificate, mentioned in 5.2 of the Service Description.

Registration and Costs

After your binding registration and receipt of payment, you will get immediate access to the recordings of the NeuroGraphica® Basic and Specialist Course, so you can start at any time. You can also attend the next live webinars of the NeuroGraphica® Basic and Specialist Course and repeat the courses as often as you want for free.

All participants get access to the private Facebook group of this course for questions, exchange of experience and communication with the instructor.

Detailed information about payment conditions and the availability of the course content can be found in our General Terms and Conditions (AGB, available in German language).

Book the NeuroGraphica® Specialist Course combined as a bundle with the NeuroGraphica® Basic Course (Beginners Package), and save 50 € in total!

Single price NG Basic Course = 150,00 €
+ Single price NG Specialist Course = 590,00 €
Total price = 740,00 €

As bundle = 690,00 €

Prerequisite for participation

Prerequisite for participation is a NeuroGraphica® Basic Course certificate, which enables you to master the alphabet and grammar of NeuroGraphica® before entering the NeuroGraphica® Specialist Course, in particular the basic algorithm and the 1st algorithm (Lifting Inner Constraints). This knowledge can still be acquired before the start of the NeuroGraphica® Specialist Course using the recordings and live courses at the Institut für Kreativitätspsychologie and can be booked directly in a discounted bundle with this course. A later participation in the corresponding live webinars is obligatory for all participants who initially only worked with the recordings.

Course of Events

The exchange of participants takes place in a closed Facebook group, you will find the link to the group in the members‘ area of our website. For the Facebook group, please submit a membership request on your own. All live webinars and supervisions take place on the Zoom webinar platform – access data will be provided in due time before the start in the members‘ area of the website. The recordings of the webinars are made available in password-protected presentations via the online video portal Vimeo, you can also find this access data in the members‘ area of the website.

Self-responsible Participation

Our courses and seminars allow for intensive self-exploration but include no therapeutic measures. By registering, you declare yourself willing and able to take personal responsibility for your experiences in the course.

If you are currently undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment or have recently completed psychotherapy or plan to do so in the near future, please contact our trainer, Christine Schickinger, before booking the course (e-mail: beratung@ikp-metamodern.com or phone: 0049 89 7277 9443). She will be happy to advise you and can discuss with you whether it makes sense to participate in the course at this time.

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